Providing tangibility in a digital world.

Our mission is BRIGHT

Delivering high quality, functional color parts for small scale projects with vision.

Full Spectrum industry 4.0

Beyond Hype:

Our goal is to make the materialization of your ideas as effortless as possible.​​​

Check it twice: We take our work seriously, to provide reliable and professional MJF 3D printing, additive manufacturing service for our customers. We strive to continuously innovate and motivate our customers to lead them to new possibilities with their product through our services.


Functional Parts:

With 1200dpi color resolution, the spectrum of possibility is limitless. Embedding machine-readable optical labeling such as QRGraphy, Fiducial Markers, JAB Code provide design metadata and computer vision tracking for AR/MR applications.

Word on the Street:

Working with FutureTense Industries was a breeze! They helped me with a custom 3D print for a client to celebrate the launch of a campaign, and I don’t think the process could have been smoother. From start to finish, FutureTense Industries made both the concepting and printing incredibly easy. Not to mention, they delivered a beautiful final product! I would highly recommend FutureTense Industries to anyone needing quality 3D prints and exceptional customer service.

– Andie Vallee,
Senior Project Manager
Godfrey Dadich Partners 

Strategic Partners

Union Robotics

Union Robotics designs and manufactures unmanned robotic vehicles with a user-centric approach, for the purpose of increasing safety, reducing operation costs, and increasing efficiency.

HP 3D Printing

By partnering with HP 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing we can make any idea, large or small, simple or complex, a reality.

HYDRA Research

World class open source 3D printer hardware paired with the support to ensure user success.